Why Use Firefox Instead of Internet Explorer?

Why Choose Firefox?Alright, all you Internet Explorer users, listen up!

Today I’m going to shed some light on Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. As a web developer, I find Firefox to be an essential tool when both creating pages and browsing the internet. Here are just a few reasons why I strongly believe that Firefox is far superior to Internet Explorer.

Well, the first big reason for using Firefox is speed. With Firefox you can enjoy faster load times thanks to the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine. TraceMonkey is a code add-on to Firefox’s existing JavaScript engine, which, (to avoid boring you with all the tech-ey details) essentially makes the code faster and more efficient. Firefox also uses less physical memory than Internet Explorer, which allows you to do more with your computer while browsing, uploading or downloading.

Tabbed browsing in Firefox.Another thing that Firefox does especially well is tabbed browsing. Using tabs will clear up your taskbar (for all you Windows users) and organize all of your open web pages into one convenient window. You can also choose to save your open tabs upon exit so that they will pop up the next time you open Firefox, and take advantage of the Session Restore feature, that will pick up where you left off after an unexpected shut down. With these features, you’ll never lose your place again!

Do you upload photos? Do you use YouTube? Are you a Facebook user? Well, no matter what your forte, Firefox has add-ons that will appeal to you. TONS, (over 6,000 really) of add-ons let you get the most out of your browsing experience. Things like link previewers, photo uploaders, and weather widgets allow you to streamline and simplify your everyday tasks and routines, as well as offer you some cool new functionality. One of my personal favourites is the Web Developer toolbar. It includes things like the one-click ability to disable images, clear private data, validate code, resize the browser window, and SO much more. Very handy indeed! You can also download and customize browser themes that will change the look and feel of the browser itself, allowing you to further personalize your internet experience.

Anti-Phishing pop up on Firefox for Mac.Who doesn’t like a little privacy? Firefox offers many different features that can help you feel more at ease when surfing your favourite pages. One particularly cool feature is Private Mode. Private Mode allows you to browse without leaving any kind of digital “fingerprints” behind. This can be handy to use on public computers, or just to keep those nosy siblings guessing! Also, if you’re surfing and you change your mind about going to a specific site, you can use the Forget this Site feature. This allows you to remove any trace of going to a specific site; again, great for public computers.

Feeling insecure with your current browser? Firefox has taken the property security measures to keep you covered. The built in anti-malware feature protects you from viruses and spyware, as well as trojans that may find their way in when visiting any questionable sites. Firefox also includes anti-phishing software that allows you to do your internet shopping and business safely. For example, if you try to navigate to a page that’s pretending to be one of your trusted sites, Firefox will pick up on this and give you the option to leave, thus ensuring you can trust the sites you’re visiting when shopping or banking online.

These are just some of the things that makes Firefox so great. So, if these few features don’t make you want to try Firefox as an alternative to Internet Explorer, feel free to visit: www.Firefox.com and read up on some of the other awesome features available in the new Firefox. The latest version of Firefox is, as always, a free download for Mac, PC & Linux.

Until next time.

Your beloved Scapegoat,

Mike Schumann, Owner/Operator

Mike Schumann, Owner/Operator

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